Insurance Website Resource Libraries

Your insurance company likely has numerous things valueable to offer, and doubtless wants to share a minimum of some of these things with prospects and clients. If so, your agency must look into creating a compelling Insurance Agency Website Resource Library. Website resource libraries supply a great chance for businesses, by offering a cost-effective platform to discuss information which may attract prospects, and improve client retention.

What is really a Website Resource Library?

Think connected with an Insurance Agency Website Resource Library as being a content hub, composed of documents, templates, resource links, digital tools, FAQs, marketing materials and also other important information. The goal of this insurance content hub would be to improve information sharing with employees, clients and prospects.

Types of Content Used

There are a huge selection of content types that could be offered inside an Insurance Agency Website Resource Library, which range from best practices recommendations to marketing collateral. Let’s review a number of the more traditional content types that an insurer might offer within their library. These include, but are not limited by:

Best Practices (risk, damage prevention, healthcare compliance, etc.)
Blog Posts
Case Studies
Claims Forms
Educational Articles
Important Website Links
Insurance Forms
Product Brochures
Regulatory Updates
Social Media Profiles (and Groups)
Videos and Recorded Webinars

These are simply a few sorts of the content which might be shared with employees, clients and prospects. A website resource library allows insurance firms and brokers to determine what content they need shared, so it helps them organize where did they want to express this content.

Improving Your Content Organization

Resource libraries help agencies better organize all their content. In some ways, it acts like a forcing function. By building a central repository, it’s faster and simpler for employees to get and add content, when they know what to do to find this content, while making it easier to provide or post. Rather than searching through server folders, or visiting multiple pages across your blog (assuming this article they need has even been posted), employees will find everything quickly, within a easy to search digital venue. For client specific content, or content containing some of your “secret sauce”, you are able to require a password, for anyone specific files, or split your library between prospect (for general content) and client accessible content.

Benefits of any Resource Library

Allows the business to showcase their expertise
Can be employed to extend your brand
Easier to get, search and access information
Helps Producers access and share your marketing materials
Improved website stickiness
It may help you grow your opt-in email list
Makes it easy to discuss information on social media
Motivates agency employees to create more, quality content​

If your agency have not yet created an Insurance Website Resource Library, consider adding this initiative to next year’s marketing plan. Those agencies which not have the internal resources to produce this library, can consider outsourcing this initiative to your proficient insurer marketing firm.

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